Re: Internet draft for 'file upload' feature proposal
Thu, 10 Nov 94 19:36:55 EST

Just to note that the term `WWW Browser' presumably excludes WWW Editors
such as SoftQuad HoTMetaL PRO -- a sort of software that can benefit from
a well-defined file upload (PUT) policy.

Please use `HTTP Client' if that's what you mean; if you specifically intend
to exclude editors or non-interactive software from using your proposed
protocol, I wonder if you could explain why?

Also, I am not happy about using the term www-form-data to be HTML specific.
What should SoftQuad Panorama -- an SGML-based tool -- do? Since it's a
WWW browser, can it simply send SGML instead of HTML and assume the server
can deal with it??

This proposal is very interesting, and I don't want to imply anything other
than strong support -- the above points are minor nits, but important
enough to us that I have raised them.


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