Listserve Snafu
Fri, 11 Nov 94 10:24:56 EST

I must apologize for a configuration snafu in the listserve that has
resulted in a number of subscribers not receiving some postings in the
past week. As most of you know, the list has more than doubled in size in
the past 10 days, but a flag was set in the bowels of the list software
that had the side effect of not sending postings beyond the first 100
subscribers on the list.

As of the first of the month, we had 79 subscribers, and currently we
are just over 180. If you suspect you missed some postings, please
retrieve the archives from the list or consult Ron Daniels' hyperlinked
archive (you might give him a day to make sure IT is up to date...Ron?).

Again, my apologies for the error.

stu (who hopes in his next life there is no such thing as listproc)