Re: Received DTD comments?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 11 Nov 94 17:25:55 EST

In message <>, Eric Schieler writes:
>Let me know if you did not receive the DTD comments that I faxed to you. It
>just occurred to me that I never saw a confirmation slip for this fax.

I got the comments, but I'm not sure I understand all of them.

Mostly, I'd like to know why each of the changes should be made.

* World-Wide => WorldWide. OK.

* "Terry: Remove comments? Refer to section numbers?" I'm willing to
remove some comments, or add some until the thing is somewhat more
uniformly commented. I'm not willing to refer to section numbers in
the printed copy, since I can't keep them up to date easily.

* SGML Open entity catalog: I need to write up an explanation of this,
I guess. Though Murry or Yuri should be able to do this just as well.

* spacing of catalog: this looks like a text->MIF conversion problem.

* ALT required at level 0: are we changing this?

* change to DL content model from (DT*, DD?)+ to (DT | DD)*.
OK, I guess.

* (LI)+ => (LI)* in OL and UL: why?

* ADDRESS in BODY comment was marked "Dan?": I don't know what this is
supposed to mean.

* HTTP-EQUIV and NAME attributes of META were changed from NAME to CDATA.

Yuri: where is the ICADD stuff?

I have only one issue with the public text outstanding: apparently
the ISOLatin1 stuff in the SGML declaration isn't quite right. sgmls
v 1.1.91 gives complains about some significant characters not being
declared UNUSED.

Somebody sent me mail about this a LONG time ago, and I can't find it.

I'm trying to track down the "right thing to do," but any help would
be appreciated.