Re: Received DTD comments?

Eric W. Sink (
Fri, 11 Nov 94 17:46:30 EST

>* ALT required at level 0: are we changing this?

I can't remember who said so (Terry, perhaps), but that person bristled at
the notion of an attribute being required at one level, but not at upper

>* (LI)+ => (LI)* in OL and UL: why?

The group seemed to agree that the degenerate case should be allowed.

>* ADDRESS in BODY comment was marked "Dan?": I don't know what this is
> supposed to mean.

Hmmm. I wrote that note. Does anyone remember why we discussed ADDRESS
and BODY?

>* HTTP-EQUIV and NAME attributes of META were changed from NAME to CDATA.
> Why?

Someone told me that NAME was just plain wrong, and I did as I was told.
Anyone remember who it was?

Stu, are the minutes to the meeting available?

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