HTML-WG Discussions
Sat, 12 Nov 94 17:52:09 EST

The recent announcement on the IETF list of HTML-WG has more than
doubled the size of the list. We are 170 strong at this moment.
Welcome to all who have newly joined.

Please allow me a small caution: This list is intended exclusively for
the discussion of issues that will assist in achieving the consensus
necessary to advance the standardization of HTML under the IETF.

HTML-WG is specifically *not* a forum for questions and answers concerning
the workings of HTML. The list *has* been quiet the past few days, largely
because of preparation of the standard for formal submission. It will
undoubtably not stay quiet long ;-).

Having said all that, does David Paul's question suggest an opportunity
for clarifying the standard?


Stuart Weibel
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Office of Research
HTML-WG List Manager