Re: Quotation marks in attribute values

Goran Oberg (
Sat, 12 Nov 94 17:52:11 EST

> We note in the HTML spec dated 10/13/94, section 3.6.3 on Anchors, that the
> value of the NAME attribute is not enclosed in quotation marks within the <a>
> tag. We've seen numerous uses of anchors in the source code of existing Web
> documents, however, that do use quotation marks around a NAME identifier.
> Are we correct in assuming that it will work more or less equally well either
> way?


I'm happy to see that this list is alive! I've been on it for 5 days now
and haven't seen a thing. Now I know I really made it onto the list.

It works both way and it is to be considered as equal unless the value
contains anything that might be considered a delimiter between attributes,
then quotation marks is required. This rule, as I understand it, is good
for all definitions of attribute-values in tags.


<A NAME=word>A word</A>
<A NAME="word">A word</A>
is equivalent.

<A NAME=first word>The first word</A>
<A NAME="first word">The first word</A>
is not equivalent. The first case will be interpreted as if NAME is
equal to first and that word is an implied attribute that is set.

Not being an SGML-expert I'd better put the asbestos-suit where I can
reach it (: but I hope my answer is of use anyway...



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