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| HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a simple markup system used
| to create hypertext documents which are portable from one platform

| to another. HTML documents are SGML documents with generic semantics
| that are appropriate for representing information from a wide range
| of applications. HTML markup can represent: hypertext news, mail,
delete the colon

| documentation, and hypermedia; menus of options; database query
| results; simple structured documents with in-lined graphics; and,
delete the comma

| hypertext views of existing bodies of information.

| HTML has been in use by the World Wide Web (WWW) global information
| initiative since 1990. This specification reflects current usage of
| HTML, as implemented by WWW clients prior to June 1994, and referred
^ ^
delete the comma delete the comma

| to as "text/html" or "text/html; version=2.0". HTML is an application
| conforming to International Standard ISO 8879 -- Standard Generalized
substitute "of" for "conforming to"

| Markup Language (SGML), and is proposed as an Internet Media Type
delete the comma

| (RFC 1590) and MIME Content Type (RFC 1521) called "text/html".

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