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James D Mason (
Sun, 13 Nov 94 18:38:56 EST

One small comment on terminology: the posted document includes the statement

> <DT>&amp;AElig;>
> <dd>&AElig; - capital AE diphthong (ligature)

In modern typographic practice it's probably best to call that a ligature.
Depending on the state of the language it's being used with, it may also be a
digraph (i.e., a compound character made up of two components). It shouldn't
be called a dipthong, because that has to do with pronunciation, not
orthography/typography. (A dipthong is a compound vowel consisting of at
least two vocalic components, such as the sounds of all the long vowels in
most dialects of modern English [long "a" = "eh" + an off-glide].)

Jim Mason