Re: Can't find <open-quote>, <close-quote> characters in spec

Dave Raggett (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 06:23:03 EST

Marc Salomon writes:

> I guess that I stumbled upon the structural overlap between <BLOCKQUOTE> and
> <Q> and the focus on presentation and the "...'..'..." case. If we want to
> represent text that originates elsewhere, why not deprecate <BLOCKQUOTE> and
> enrich <Q> with attributes that would fold in the functionality of <BLOCKQUOTE>
> and describe more fully interesting things about quotes?

Q and BLOCKQUOTE serve two different roles. <Q>..</Q> is intended for
a few quoted words to be inserted into a passage as part of the paragraph's
text while BLOCKQUOTE is intended for lengthier quotations which need to
appear as separate paragraphs.

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