Re: Plan for next 24 days?

Eric W. Sink (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 14:05:22 EST

>So what's the plan for getting the train to the station on time?

My apologies to the group for our silence. I am completely swamped today,
and I just have time for a status report:

We will make another document release available tomorrow. This will
reflect the Chicago feedback, which was largely small changes and detail

We will stay light on our feet in order to get another round of edits into
the document before the November 28 deadline for submission to the IETF as
an Internet Draft.

Eric Schieler ( is handling all the editing, and has
been working to make sure that all comments from the Chicago gatherings as
well as all the comments to this list, get read and processed.

We have 2 weeks left...

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