Re: HTML Display - Text Formatting, Background, and Graphics

Joe English (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 15:12:20 EST

Corprew Reed <> wrote:

> Bill P. says:
> @ With regards to justification, Chris Wilson and I were talking about how
> @ to do alignment without the full paragraph break inherent in a <p> or <h?>
> @ tag. We came up with the idea for an <align></align> tag, with a ROLE
> @ attribute, that can be center|right|left|justify|indent, just like the
> @ align tag on <p> and <h?>.
> [...]
> Out of curiousity, how would this be different than adding align to
> <br>? This would be a simpler change to the DTD and would mirror the
> align in <p>.

Since <br> is only a separator it isn't clear to what
text an alignment attribute would apply.

Regarding ALIGN=INDENT: Shouldn't this be specified on
a different attribute? I think indentation is orthogonal to
line placement. (This might hold for JUSTIFY, too, but
I'm not sure.)

--Joe English