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Title : File Transfer from World-Wide Web Browsers to Servers
Author(s) : L. Masinter, E. Nebel
Filename : draft-ietf-html-fileupload-00.txt
Pages : 5
Date : 11/10/1994

Currently, a World-Wide Web server can get information from users with HTML
forms. These forms have proven useful in a wide variety of applications in
which input from the user is necessary. But this capability is still
greatly limited because HTML forms don't provide a way for the user to
submit files to the server. Service providers who need to get files from
the user have had to implement custom browsers. (Examples of these custom
browsers have appeared on the www-talk mailing list.) To avoid the
necessity for custom browsers and to make WWW servers complete in their
ability to get information from the user, the WWW needs to provide a way
for users to send files to servers. Since user information is sent back to
the server using HTML forms, it is most logical to extend HTML forms to
support file submission.

This document proposes an extention to HTML to allow forms to request
users supply files as data to be returned when the form has been completely
filled out and submitted. It also includes a description of a backward
compatibility strategy that allows new servers to interact with
old WWW browsers.

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