comments in HTML DTD

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 14 Nov 94 16:10:37 EST

Dan> Mostly, I'd like to know why each of the changes should be made.
Dan> * World-Wide => WorldWide. OK.

Actually, I'm taking all references to WWW out of the public text.

Dan> * "Terry: Remove comments? Refer to section numbers?" I'm willing to
Dan> remove some comments, or add some until the thing is somewhat more
Dan> uniformly commented. I'm not willing to refer to section numbers in
Dan> the printed copy, since I can't keep them up to date easily.

I've seen several reference guides, tools, etc. that would benefit
from a one-line description of each element/attribute in the HTML DTD.
I could stick some stylized comments in the DTD so that folks could
extract these little descriptions autmatically.

The trick is to put enough info in the description to be useful, and
yet don't put anything application specific or in any way
controversial in there.

I'll give it a whack...