Re: DL content model
Mon, 14 Nov 94 17:01:20 EST

> > <!ELEMENT DL - - (DT+, DD)+>

We used this for the first release of HoTMetaL.
It caused a *lot* of problems.

``you mean this DD thing has to come _after_ a DT thing?

``and that they have to be inside a wotsit?

``if I put the DD outside the DL, doesn't that fix it?

``what does inside mean?

I suggest that anything more complex than
<!Element DL - - (DT|DD)*>
is asking for trouble. This is what people do, like it or not.

If you want to constrain people to pairs, or to associate multiple DTs witha single DD, etc., you need to do
<!Element DL - - (DT|DD|DefGroup)*>
<!Element DefGroup - - (DT*, DD*)>
I am allowing for missing DT's and DDs because they might not have been
written yet -- e.g. a glossary that's sent round for peer review.

This would be a compatible extension -- existing browsers ignore the
DefGroup tag and are still happy with what they find inside it... and old
documents don't use it and continue to do the DD/DT thing.

It's an extension and doesn't belong in HTML 2, I think; I introduce it to
show a way out of the mess in the (near) future.


Chief Metallurgist :-) Liam Quin