Re: Comment delimiters

Joe English (
Tue, 15 Nov 94 15:33:56 EST

Murray Maloney <murray@sco.COM> wrote:

> Frankly, now that several people have confirmed
> that the current text is correct, and speaking
> as a writer, I'd leave it alone rather than
> trying to explain what Dan describes below.
> For that matter, I don't know that it is even
> important to note that space is allowed between
> the terminal -- and >. But hey, I'm sure somebody
> will think it is important.

Browser writers will. As someone has pointed out,
authors using SGML front ends may not have any
control over how comments are inserted.

Maybe the spec should say something to the effect
that <!-- --> is the recommended syntax for
authors, but browsers are required to accept
<!(-- --\s*)*>. (Or something like that.)