Re: November 15 (ish) document available

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 16 Nov 94 14:46:16 EST

In message <aaf007c709021004e13f@[]>, Eric W. Sink writes:
>You can grab the PostScript version from:

Roy: I assume this postscript has the same portability problems as the
last one. In either case, your ftp site is more "avaiable to the net"
than the spyglass http server, so could you please "do your thing"
again, and let us know when it's ready and where?

>I hope this document addresses most everything. There is a list of
>possible things left TODO below.
>Here is Eric Schieler's change log:
>Changes made to the Oct 13 version (Postscript)

Most of this looks very good. But...

> WWW browser, WWW application, HTML browser, HTML viewer,
> rendering software, browser, HTML viewer, parser,
> and presentation system were replaced by HTML client.

As HTML is not a protocol, can we change this to "HTML user agent"?
See the file upload discussoin in the html-wg archive for details.

Also, is there some section at the beginning where this term is
introduced and/or motivated?

Hmmm... I think that HTML parser is a distinct term. I'll have to
have a look at it in context.

>Left to do
> ICADD additions to HTML DTD

Hee hee hee... I suspect that my recent modifications will cause
Jeff a bit of re-work. Sorry!

That's all for now... after I read the new draft, you may hear from
me again ;-)