Re: November 15 (ish) document available

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 16 Nov 94 15:52:30 EST

>Roy: I assume this postscript has the same portability problems as the
>last one. In either case, your ftp site is more "avaiable to the net"
>than the spyglass http server, so could you please "do your thing"
>again, and let us know when it's ready and where?

We were actually hoping that this PS file is ok.

>> WWW browser, WWW application, HTML browser, HTML viewer,
>> rendering software, browser, HTML viewer, parser,
>> and presentation system were replaced by HTML client.
>As HTML is not a protocol, can we change this to "HTML user agent"?
>See the file upload discussoin in the html-wg archive for details.

I thought someone took exception with HTML user agent. Basically, there
has been no appropriate term put forth which someone hasn't griped about.

>Also, is there some section at the beginning where this term is
>introduced and/or motivated?

Whatever we put in will end being sufficiently vague that this will be

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