Re: November 15 (ish) document available

Daniel Glazman (
Thu, 17 Nov 94 05:51:54 EST

In message <> 17 Nov 94 05:34:16, wrote:

> > > We were actually hoping that this PS file is ok.
> >
> > Unfortunately, it is not. It required replacing all of the \r with \n
> > (sure is a good thing I know perl) and then deleting the same page-control
> > lines as before
> Strange, it printed fine on my HPLJ3 with HP's PS cartridge, and that is
> not a particularly wonderful implementation...

It is particularly awful on my SparcPrinter: I turned all the \r
into \n but the only output is an error page !!! Had to store the file on
a "vulgus PeCus" to print it on a HP LaserJet...