Re: CORRECTIONS and suggestions for November 16 draft

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 17 Nov 94 09:09:25 EST

> > <TITLE>Sample Questionnaire</TITLE>
> > <H1>Sample Questionnaire</H1>
> Wouldn't it be better to remove the TITLE line? It doesn't clarify
> anything, and uses shortcuts that we may want to discourage (HEAD and
> BODY elision).

BTW has anyone hit on a good form of words to describe title vs. h1?
When you start to teach someone HTML, you say the document has a head
and body and the head has a title (and you show them an example). Then
you say the body can have all kindsa stuff, and you explain heading
levels and paras etc and then say that you can use h1 to enclose the
heading. "Isn't that the title?" they ask. "No, I know it's _called_
the title," you say, "but it's actually the _file_ title, not the
document title" (or the document title not the file title, depending
on your viewpoint). "So you have to type the title twice, huh?...some
system, this HTML stuff..."