Re: Notes on Oct 16 draft

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 17 Nov 94 11:45:35 EST

A good job done on the new spec. Here's my first reading, minus those
points I have seen other people make so far.

p.5 Missing a period after first sentence, between "another" and "HTML"
p.8 Place the <BODY> and </BODY> tags on either side of...
might sound better as above and below...
Missing example <hr> at bottom of page in <tt> type
p.9 HTML Identifier missing "<HTML>...</HTML>"
Line Break missing "<BR>"
Title missing "<TITLE>...</TITLE>"
Definition List missing "<DL>...</DL>"
p.11 say "Indicates an inline example..."
p.12 Give a reference for "takes these attributes" to p.19, sec 3.6.3
Separate ISMAP and SRC and insert missing explanation of ISMAP
p.15 Does your system do proper en- or em-rules instead of --?
Should references to URLs be in <tt>?
Missing space in 1st line of 3.1 between "the" and "HTML"
Section 3.6 is excellent
p.20 Give a reference from last line 1st para "numeric character reference"
to p.49 sec 3.17.3
p.30 last line close up space between "in" and "stead"
p.32 sec 3.12 "This element is <em>not</em> intended for embedding..."
Can we say "This element <em>cannot</em> be used for embedding..." ?
p.34 end sec 3.13.1 explain that DL can contain block-oriented elements
p.35 sec 3.13.4 <OR> should read <OL>
p.40 2nd para insert "an" in "is set to an HTTP URL"
sec 3.15.3 missing "<INPUT>" before "Level 2"
p.49 wrong characters displayed for
ETH (should be a D with a horiz line thru the vertical part)
THORN (should look like a P with a tall ascender)
eth (should look like a d with a curly ascender)
thorn (should look like a p with a tall ascender)
p.51 ditto
p.53 Provide URLs for all this unsuitable or offensive material? :-)
p.66 Are we decided on a content model for DL yet?
p.91 OL missing COMPACT (still)

> <blockquote>
> <p>text
> </blockquote>
> Do we want the examples in the spec to obey this convention?

I'd rather see them make it clear that the <p> is there because it contains
a paragraph, so that by implication a <blockquote> can contains other
elements as well:

<blockquote><p>some text</p>
<ul><li>and a list</ul></blockquote>