Re: How prescriptive can/should we be? [Was: DL content model ]

Joe English (
Thu, 17 Nov 94 12:39:11 EST

Brian Behlendorf <> wrote:
> <PRE>, now that I think about it... what is its *semantic* meaning?
> None, it's all presentational, and thus, its effects (respecting white
> space, proportional font) should be applicable to things like <P>, <Hn>,
> etc., and its representation should be in the forthcoming stylesheets
> spec rather than in HTML.

I think of <PRE>'s semantics as "the layout of
this element's content is critical to its meaning;
please do not change it." The "true" meaning -- whether
it's a program listing, a screendump, or what have you --
is document-specific.

(Just like <Hn>'s semantics are "The content of this
element describes the succeeding text; please make
it stand out", whereas the "true" meaning could
be "chapter title", "subroutine name", "figure caption",
or whatever, again depending on the document.)

--Joe English