Re: Status: SDA -> HTML 2.0 for ICADD

Paul Burchard (
Tue, 22 Nov 94 09:04:21 EST

Jeff Suttor <jsuttor@Library.UCLA.EDU> writes:
> Below are the SGML Document Access (SDA) #FIXED
> attributes that will be added to HTML 2.0 in support of
> easy transformation to ICADD for print-impaired access
> using Braille, large print and voice synthesis.

> What's next:
> - please review and comment, all input is welcome
> - I will run test transformations from HTML 2.0 -> ICADD
> - we will formally submit these to the HTML 2.0 editor
> - time is *very* short, please respond if possible in
> the next few days

Are you (or is someone else) submitting human-readable descriptions
of these attributes for the HTML spec? This seems like a necessary
step. Perhaps the ICADD spec can be cannibalized for this?

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