Sanity check of changes in HTML DTD

Earl Hood (
Tue, 22 Nov 94 20:10:15 EST

Here is an element/attribute diff of the HTML DTD defined in July 1,
1993 and the HTML 2.0 DTD of 1994/09/26. The list is generated from a
Perl program I whipped up called 'dtddiff'. Therefore, as the DTD
changes, I can easily keep track of new/removed elements/attributes.

I believe it would be nice to (officially?) document the changes
between the 1993/07/01 DTD and the 2.0 DTD that is finally approved.

New Elements/Attributes (html2.0.dtd)
<dl compact>
<form action>
<form enctype>
<form method>
<html version>
<img align>
<img alt>
<img ismap>
<input align>
<input checked>
<input maxlength>
<input name>
<input size>
<input src>
<input type>
<input value>
<meta content>
<meta http-equiv>
<meta name>
<option selected>
<option value>
<select multiple>
<select name>
<select size>
<textarea cols>
<textarea name>
<textarea rows>

Old Elements/Attributes (html.dtd)
<link name>