Release: SDA ->HTML 2.0 summary

Tue, 22 Nov 94 21:59:40 EST

Incorporated all of the comments re SDA->HTML 2.0 and modified the dcl/dtd.

Validated the modified dcl/dtd with Omnimark using some simple test cases.
(Will continue to work on more testing with a focus on the actual
transformation this weekend.)

Only change to dcl/dtd that wasn't a simple addition was a simple expansion of
the AttList for %list;. %list; used to have just COMPACT but as each element
in %list; needed slightly different SDA attrs, it was expanded into an
individual AttList for UL, OL, DIR, MENU.

Next email will be dcl diff & file, then dtd diff & file.

Thanks to all those who commented.

Jeff Suttor JSuttor@Library.UCLA.Edu