Re: Murray's comments on HTML 2.0 spec (again)

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 23 Nov 94 11:07:10 EST

Some of my previous comments were not incorporated.
I don't know if that is because they got there too late
or were deemed inappropriate to include.

Please consider these comments again...


Here are my comments. Some of them have already been mentioned.
[This started out to be "just a few comments"]

Para 1: "... (HTML) is a simple markup system ..."
Shouldn't that be "markup language"?

P 3. Headings: Please insert <P> before text of sample paragraphs.
I'd really rather we followed "best practice" in coding examples.
Not including </P> is perferctly appropriate and legal.
Not including the <P> after a heading is also legal, but...

P5. Ordered List and Unordered List: Seems as though the
examples are swapped.

P5.. "1.1.5 Info Type and Character Formatting Elements"

We agreed that for all of these items we would describe
the "typical rendering" of the element. I think that
the following is accurate -- perhaps Corp could confirm

<CITE> typical rendering is italic
<KYBD> no typical rendering defined
<SAMP> typical rendering is mono-spaced
<TT> typical rendering is mono-spaced
<VAR> typical rendering is italic

P13. Character sets:

Paragraph 1: "... See Section 2.16.3 for a discussion"
The reference should be 2.16

Paragraph 3: "... numeric character references (see section 2.16.3)
and character entity references (see section 2.16.4) may ..."
the reference should be to 2.16.2 and 2.16.3 respectively

P15. 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 don't work for me as siblings of 2.6.1
IFF 2.6.4 and 2.6.5 are going to stay.

What I mean is:

1) The structure is broken
2) I'd like to get rid of 3.6.4 and 3.6.5
since all of this is covered better and
in much greater detail later on.

P18. "2.7.3 Isindex" Sorry, but I did not feel that the
explanation provided here helped me much. I still
don't understand ISINDEX -- at least not from this.

P22. HREF attribute: Paragraph 3: "If the anchpr is in another
document..." Does this mean "If the anchor points to
another document..."? Perhaps we could use the term "target".
"If the anchor's target is in another document..."

METHODS attribute: A list of methods would be helpful.

P25. "2.9 Overview of Character-Level Elements" Please delete or
reword the editorial comments in the last paragraph:
"Whenever possible, information type elements should be used
rather than formatting elements for marking inline text.
It is ...." I don't recall this working group deciding that
character style elements were deprecated, and I object to this
editorial in the specification.

P26. "2.10.3 Emphasis" Please remove the editorial in paragraph 2.

P27. "2.10.7 Sample" Typical rendering is italic -- isn't it?

P27. "2.11 Character-Style Elements" Please remove editorial example.

P28. ISMAP attribute: Need pointer to information on using ISMAP
on the server side. This is simply inadequate as it stands.
Please point me to appropriate location to find out more.
It might even be sufficient to mention HTTP if that is
where this is described.

P34. "2.15 Form Elements"

In general, I found this section much easier
to read than before. But I still don't understand
forms much better than I did before. Pictures
would help, but I don't suppose that is feasible?

At the beginning of the description:
"Each variable field is defined by an Input, Textarea,
or Option element and must have an NAME attribute..."

I think this should be

"Each variable field is defined by an Input, Textarea,
or Select element and must have a NAME attribute..."

The example does not include SELECT or OPTION.
There is such an example later, but...

P40. "2.16 Character Data" Several broken xrefs.
Please double check all xrefs to 3.17.2 and 3.17.3

Paragraph 5: "... should follow these guidelines"
should be "... should follow the guidelines in Section 2.16.1"
The "these guidelines" used to be an <A>.

P44. "2.17.2 ISO Latin 1 Character Entities"

Please fix accented characters as appropriate.

A tilde
Y acute

See my original HTML document under Mosaic for
accurate representations. Use bitmaps if necesary.

P45. "2.17.3 Numerical Character References"

Please fix accented characters as appropriate.

A tilde 195
ETH 208
Y acute 221
eth 240
thorn 254

See my original HTML document under Mosaic for
accurate representations. Use bitmaps if necesary.

P89. "1. Terms"

documemt type declaration: Sorry. I didn't mean to include
the elipsis (...). It should read "keyword ``<!DOCTYPE''

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