Re: Release: SDA -> dtd

Wed, 23 Nov 94 19:39:55 EST

>If you really want ICADD to become part of the way things are done on the
>Web, you need to provide a *URL* that gives people a reasonable idea of
>what these things are and how to use them. An online spec would be even

Point taken. At the current time there is no good/stable URL for ICADD info.

> I also don't see any mention of ICADD and SDA in the human-readable part of
> the spec, and no one appears to have prepared any text for that purpose.

At the current time there is no human-readable part of the spec for the above
purpose. It is doubtful that such prose will make it into the 11/28 IETF
release. My sense of the volunteers is to focus on the DTD and transformation
technology first, and then go for the prose if there is time.

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