Re: Looking toward the IETF meeting

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Tue, 29 Nov 94 13:02:20 EST

Cool! Thanks for the update Eric.

Regretably, I will not be in attendance at the IETF meetings.
I wish you all well, and send my congratulations to one and all.

I would be most appreciative if someone would keep notes of
official and unofficial meetings in San Jose and forward
them to this mailing list as soon as practically convenient.

Since the ICADD extensions did not make it into HTML 2.0,
may I suggest that HTML 2.1 should incorporate ICADD extensions
and be submitted as soon as practically convenient?

When will PostScript and HTML versions of the official Internet Draft
be available to members of this mailing list?


> OK. We made the deadline, and the ASCII version of the document got sent
> out yesterday. Within a day or two, it will become an Internet Draft, be
> stored in the IETF's directories, and be made available at the IETF meeting
> next week.
> Time was tight, and IETF's deadline was pretty firm, so not all changes
> made it in. Most regrettably, the DTD changes for ICADD did not make it in
> yet. From this group's point of view, the document is still being refined,
> but something had to be submitted to the IETF yesterday, so we sent the
> best thing we could. My apologies.
> The HTML WG is scheduled to meet twice at this IETF meeting, Thursday
> morning, and Thursday afternoon, the 8th of December. I assume that I am
> called upon to facilitate the morning meeting, but I will be unable to make
> it to the afternoon session. The afternoon gathering goes from 1:30 to
> 3:30. Perhaps co-chair Tim Berners-Lee could facilitate that session?
> Perhaps Dave Raggett would be interested in coordinating a discussion of
> HTML 3.0 directions? I've spoken to neither of these gentlemen, so I am
> just throwing out suggestions. Regardless of who it is, we will need a
> volunteer to chair the afternoon session.
> The morning session goes from 9:30 to noon. I think we can make the best
> use of our time there by planning it carefully. If you have suggestions
> for how this session can be most effective, please mail them. I will be
> composing an agenda.
> I guess another good question to ask is, "Who is planning on being at the
> meeting?"
> Thanks,
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