Re: WG Goals & Milestones

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 29 Nov 94 13:45:22 EST

In message <>, write
>Looking over the HTML WG charter, I notice that we have 3 goals for Dec 94.
>I have seen lots of discussion on the first (And I think most important one)
>the descriptive specification. Has there been any work done writing an
>Internet-Draft for the text/html MIME type or to organize and outline the
>requirements list for future HTML versions? Who is working on these
>documents if anyone?

The current HTML document is both a descriptive spec and a text/html
specification. Well... at least that's what I was thinking, unless we
want to hold off the text/html registration until 2.1 or whatever.

As to future HTML versions, Dave Raggett et. al. are furiously busy
with an HTML 3.0 draft spec and implementation.

"Welcome to Arena"

Discussions of more modest revisions of HTML, loosely dubbed 2.1, have
occurred on this list recently. Internationalization seems to be the
hot topic.