Re: INT Type for Input in HTML Spec

Paul Burchard (
Tue, 29 Nov 94 16:00:58 EST

Teresa_Deane <iris!CN=Teresa_Deane/> writes:
> One quick question while I was reading through the Forms
> portion of the HTML spec. In the example on page 37, 8th
> line down, there is a reference to input type=int.

> However, it is not referenced anywhere else in the spec.

> Can you tell me if this is a valid input type that we can
> anticipate?

There is no INT type in HTML 2.0. You must be looking at one of the
early draft specs, which contain highly erroneous FORM examples (they
were really examples for an old version of HTML+). Please see the
latest draft (November 22, 1994) or wait a few days for the final
IETF submission to be released as HTML and PS.

(P.S. Shouldn't we start hiding these old drafts? Dan?)

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