Re: What's next? HTML 2.0 & HTML > 2.0

Albert Lunde (
Wed, 30 Nov 94 01:08:52 EST

> - what was sent to IETF is a draft, look at the other drafts, many are
> on revision 6-9, some even 10 (what a thought for our WG! :( )
> - we need to stop work on HTML 2.0
> - ICADD is *very* important, non-controversial, and being #Fixed attrs
> will only help not hurt any application
> - we've done all of the hard work on ICADD, it was only editorial time
> constraints that keep it out this draft
> Therefore, I propose that we release one last draft of HTML 2.0. The
> only changes to the new draft will be the addition of the ICADD #Fixed
> attrs in the DTD and fix obvious spelling/grammar errors. We declare
> HTML 2.0 done and move on to what's next.

I'd say, don't add any new features or make major re-definitions,
other than ICADD (which has little side effects), but do another
2 or 3 drafts if necessary to get little glitches in (syntax/formal
grammars/subtle SGML issues) out.

If something is a sticking point put it off till 2.1...

One approach might be to try to write an "all-but-final" draft
and take comments off-line for a while just to be sure no serious
bugs are discovered.

    Albert Lunde