Re: Looking toward the IETF meeting

Jay Glicksman (jay@eit.COM)
Wed, 30 Nov 94 20:40:53 EST

I will be at the meeting on Thursday to represent EIT. I think the
goal should be to get the 2.0 document accepted as an RFC as soon as
possible with the minimum number of modifications. That's the stake
in the ground that all new versions can be based on.

We'll "endorse" whatever version and in whatever form the "community"
and W3C agree on. I think getting a usable spec out as quickly as
possible is the key, and 2.0 seems the closest to that point.

Re the "survey" questions:

1. ICADD extensions - 2.1

2. <super> and <sub> - 2.1

3. <input type=file> (I had to get this one in) - 2.1 or 3.0

4. &nbsp; &shy; - 2.1

5. tables - 3.0

Jay G.