Re: meeting

Tim Berners-Lee (
Thu, 1 Dec 94 09:14:51 EST

> From: (Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS)
> 2.1 draft 01 would be a fine place for tables.
> (like Forms it appears that tables are being deployed

> ahead of a formal specification on several popular
> browsers)

Level 3 was more or less defined by tables, and level 4 by math.
(That was the outcome fo the Geneva meeting and has held since then.)
The fact that work on tables is far along means it's good news for
3.0, not that we should call it 2.1! The point about 2.1 is that

it should be a refinement of 2.0 without major feature addition.
You'l notice that Arena also has math out of level 4.
The levels are imporatant in that people need to be able to
quote level HTML level X compatability. The arrangement of
features was based on the relative ease of implementation.
I'm happy to see that some reviews and reports arenow starting to
quote HTML levels when describing browser capabilities.

The work on the features (marshalling proposals, assimilating
common forms, writing prototype code and producing initial
specs for discussion) can go ahead in parallel for 2.1, 3.0 and 4
as far as I am concerned, so long as the group can review them
in a logical order to ensure consistency.

Tim BL