Re: HTML browser vendors
Mon, 5 Dec 94 18:11:55 EST

Keith M. Corbett writes:
> >But the critical thing about this document is endorsement of the major
> >vendors. How do the folks from SoftQuad, NetScape, Spyglass, Spry,
> >EIT, MCC (the consortium in Austin, not Mosaic Comm Corp) etc. feel
> >about this? Which way should we go?
> Is there a vendor consortium in the works? Could this RFC be a catalyst?
> Is someone keeping close track of all the vendors products? Anyone going to
> monitor their reactions to the 2.0 spec?
> -kmc
> BTW: Another vendor to track is BookLink (; their Internet
> Works is one of the best browsers out. There's a rumor (may be confirmed by
> now) IW is going to turn up as the Internet front end for a very big online
> service.

They've already been bought - press release went out a few weeks ago.
AOL bought them.