Re: ICADD support in HTML 2.0 - not urgent, not ready to go

Peter Flynn (
Tue, 6 Dec 94 05:04:44 EST

Keith writes:
The discussion this week culminating in adding ICADD fixed entity attributes
to the DTD overlooked several points that were raised in other forums. If
those points were addressed I guess I missed the the exchange.

I'm looking at the Nov28 document. I don't see any sign of ICADD in
the DTD. Or was it added only to a freestanding HTML.DTD file? Where?

IMHO, with some perspective on how SGML applications actually work, ICADD
(and just about any other discussion of formatting or other processing
beyond browsing by Mosaic clones) is a complete red herring at this time.
The ICADD fixed entity values are just cruft in the DTD, dead weight that
will be hard to expunge in the future. I truly don't care *how* the HTML DTD
does or does not support ICADD, except that the DTD is kind of
weighty already.

In fact in SGML terms it's pretty light, but I take your point. I
have also taken it for granted in supporting the addition of the ICADD
stuff that (a) it is technically non-problematic and (b) will actually
be used by someone. Are we wrong on this?