Re: Question about list format

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 8 Dec 94 07:38:26 EST

> I have two questions about the <DIR> code (directory list). First, as I read
> the spec, I am led to expect this feature to yield two columns of text when
> laid out roughly as follows:
> <DIR>
> <LI>Text to 20 chars<LI>Text to 20 chars
> <LI>Text to 20 chars<LI>Text to 20 chars
> <LI>Text to 20 chars<LI>Text to 20 chars
> </DIR>

I think the spec says "may be arranged in columns". Doesn't mean they have
to be, and I don't think there's any browser does this yet.

> However, when I've done this and viewed the results in my browser (AIR
> Mosaic), I get something that's more like the results of a <ul> unordered
> list, laid out in one column with bullets. Can you explain?

Recommendations and suggestions need not be actioned by browser writers.

> Second, if it's true that the results should yield two columns, is it also
> possible to lay out three or more columns?

Would be nice if someone implemented it, but the idea of columns is really
only a suggestion, not mandatory.