img align=left|right in HTML 3.0

Brian Behlendorf (
Fri, 9 Dec 94 15:28:44 EST

In looking through the DTD for HTML 3.0 after Dave Raggett's talk at the
IETF, though my knowlege of SGML is scant it didn't appear that there was
support for adding left|right to the ALIGN attribute for IMG. Now I know
IMG is being dumped in a hurry in favor of FIG, but I'd like to propose
that these two elements be added to IMG since there is obviously a great
demand for it and it's not any more semantically broken than IMG is
anyways. Dave suggested that HTML 3.0 should have some presentational
hints, some of which have become evident after their test implementations
in NetScape. I'm not suggesting we also add the other attributes to IMG
in the NetScape extensions, but this one is particularly useful and is
used by many places right now.


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