Re: Input areas in <select> & <option>

Paul Burchard (
Sat, 10 Dec 94 16:49:25 EST

Joe English <> asks:
> Reason #11 why forms are broken. Is there any hope of
> throwing them out and starting over?

Certainly, it's just a matter of settling on some common, safe,
portable GUI scripting language. Or even better, some brokered
surrogate, like an ILU or CORBA interface, that any object-oriented
scripting language like Python could talk through. Add a few WWW
hooks and away you go...

But in the meantime, because FORMs have already been ported so
widely, and because they are bundled with Web browsers that people
are happy to install on their systems, they're a very useful
distributed-GUI hack. I see us improving them, not throwing them
out. HTML 3.0 will hopefully fill in a few glaring gaps with the
FILE and SCRIBBLE widgets.

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