Re: Anchored rendering of TABLE head/foot

Gavin Nicol (
Thu, 15 Dec 94 07:55:47 EST

>There seemed to be wide appreciation for (even consensus?) for my
>suggestion at the IETF that online rendering of tables should, in the
>best browsers, anchor the table heading and footing while scrolling table
>rows. I wanted to raise it here again so it is documented and others may
>help refine the idea.

I, for one, would find that behaviour distracting at least, and
probably quite bothersome. If it ever is implemented, it should be
possible to disable this.

In addition, given the huge number of possible window heights/widths,
and browser technologies, I would say that this will be difficult to
implement well (to say the least). Also, this is a presentational
issue, and as much as possible, presentation should be kept out of
HTML. It *might* be reasonable to propose this to people defining
stylesheet mechanisms (ie. I need a way to make text "sticky").

I would not like to see this part of any standard until an
implementation has proven it's value.