Re: HTML3 tables

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 16 Dec 94 09:00:59 EST

David Morris writes:

> I missed the restriction of figures to logical graphical objects (text
> only as an alternative for non-graphical rendering). I guess this
> would be OK if we are clear that a table can consist of 1 row and
> column.

duhh! Please look at the <table> element for how to represent tables.
Note that both tables and figures can have captions.

> While on this subject ... figures should have optional borders and
> tables need to have optional cell divider lines (cell borders?). For
> cell borders, it might work to have attributes on the <tr> and cell
> tags (I'm too much of a novice reading DTDs, can't figure out what
> the cell tag is).

So far I haven't had any requests for borders on figures, so we could
add this if there is enough demand. As for tables, I have kept to the
crude borders/no borders and want to leave the details to linked style
sheets. It will be possible to add attributes to control the border
style directly, but this is a slippery slope and its not obvious how
far to proceed down it.

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