Re: Anchored rendering of TABLE head/foot

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Fri, 16 Dec 94 15:15:53 EST

> >Most sophisticated table DTDs include, at least, a way to
> >differentiate the rows of a table that are "row-heads" from
> >the data rows. I would expect that a general SGML browser
> What happens if the DTD doesn't support them, or it the DTD
> allows arbitrarily large and complex content for them? They
> could end up taking the entire real estate available, especially
> if the window is resized to 200x200.... or on a TTY. There will
> always be cases where this proposal will fail. The main implemntation
> problem is finding these cases, and dealing with them "correctly":
> especially if there is arbitrary content. An embedded scrolling table
> view widget is something I can understand, and see a need for, but I
> don't think it will be possible to make header and footers "sticky" in
> a way is always useful (or meaningful).

Good points. I can't disagree that there may be some implementation
details that need to be worked out.
> Hard coding anything to do with presentation is probably not
> a good idea.

I can't agree with that.