Re: Comments on HTML Spec - 2.0

Paul Burchard (
Mon, 19 Dec 94 17:07:00 EST (Michael Kaelbling) writes:
> <em>Incorrect radio input attributes?</em><br>
> The example in &#167;3.13.1 contains two radio buttons of the
> form: <br>
> <kbd>&lt;input name="male" type=radio&gt;</kbd><br>
> <kbd>&lt;input name="female" type=radio&gt;</kbd><br>
> but my feeling is that they should look something like<br>
> <kbd>&lt;input name="gender" value="male" type=radio&gt;</kbd><br>
> <kbd>&lt;input name="gender" value="female" type=radio&gt;</kbd>

This has already been fixed in the most recent drafts I have seen.
Please specify the version (e.g. date) of the draft when you send

There do seem to be a lot of old drafts floating around out there.
The definitive place to look for the latest one is
<URL:>. In addition, the
latest IETF Internet Draft for HTML can be found at
where ** is the revision number (currently 00).

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