Re: Minutes from the San Jose IETF meetings

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 22 Dec 94 13:52:38 EST

> The original specs for HTML existed only in hypertext form as part of
> the WWW project at CERN. Paper specifications were created from time
> to time but nothing was submitted to the IETF. Dan Connolly
> <> created an SGML declaration and DTD to describe
> HTML in terms of SGML. In Spring 1994, the SGML community pressed for
> a more rigorous specification, and Dan drew together a group to define
> current practice, which met in Geneva at WWW conference. At the same
> conference an HTML workshop defined future levels of HTML in outline.
> Tim encouraged the group to form an IETF WG via a BOF in Seattle. The
> group also met at the Chicago WWW conference. The WG charter was to
> define current practice (HTML 2.0) before starting work on future
> levels (3 and 4).

Unless I am living in a parallel universe, the IETF WG was formed
at a BOF meeting in Toronto. I know that both cities have a
tall structure with a pointy top and an observation deck,
but I don't live in Seattle and I know that I hosted an unoffocial
meeting of the HTML Implementor's Group at my office the day before


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