Braille from html2icadd xform service

Fri, 23 Dec 94 00:55:56 EST

The experimental HTML to ICADD transformation service available at:

now has a Braille output option.


- only valid HTML can be transformed to Braille
- Braille is generated from the ICADD instance
- the ICADD instance is run through a down-translate filter(OmniMark) that uses
ICADD structure & context to imbed Braille hints to the Braille transformer
- ie, this is not just a heap 'o text, but usable formatted output that tries
to carry the structure through to the end user
- Braille looks 'funny' when viewed as text but check it out, will give you a
feel for how it does contractions, etc.

Original announcement of html2icadd xform service is included at end of mail.

Jeff Suttor
Voice: +1 310 206 5565 Fax: +1 310 206 4109
<URL http://WWW.Library.UCLA.Edu/~jsuttor/jsuttor.html>

----------------------------- Note follows -----------------------------

An experimental HTML to ICADD transformation service is now available at:

A form is displayed that prompts for a URL. An ICADD instance of the HTML
referenced by the URL is returned.

This form runs a ReXX program on a PC running OS/2. The program uses the
rxSock package to make a http connection and retrieve the HTML source for the
given URL. The source is then parsed and transformed by OmniMark. If the
original HTML document has errors, these errors will be reflected in the ICADD

This is an experimental service and may have errors/bugs. Please send