Paul Burchard (
Thu, 29 Dec 94 19:18:17 EST

I'd understood that the maximum allowable length of certain
attributes (such as <A HREF="..."> and <INPUT VALUE="...">) were
governed by SGML's LITLEN parameter. However, when I submitted the

which contains an INPUT VALUE of length 1008 (< LITLEN = 1024) to
Dan's validator, it complained that I was exceeding ATTSPLEN:

sgmls: SGML error at -, line 51 at """:
Normalized attribute specification length over ATTSPLEN limit
sgmls: SGML error at -, line 52 at ">":
Start-tag length exceeds TAGLEN limit; parsed correctly

Does the current value of ATTSPLEN conflict with the intent of
LITLEN? Or am I doing something wrong?

Paul Burchard <>
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