Re: Replacing GIF with JPEG in any HTML standard.

Alan Karben (
Tue, 3 Jan 95 09:32:48 EST

>The average JPEG file is about one tenth the size of
>the GIF file of roughly equivalent visual impact, meaning that funky
>tricks like interlaced-gif presentation can be avoided.
>If you archie 'jpeg' or 'xv' you end up with pages of references.

Since many users will continue to access the WWW through 9600 baud modems, I
believe that "funky tricks" to enable progressive disclosure of images are
still necessary.

One of the flavors of JPEG lets you stack layers of an image into a file
which, when streamed in, allows the image to "fade in" much nicer than the
Netscape interlace enhancement. IBM was, to my knowledge, the only company
that has developed a compressor/decompressor for this JPEG flavor, which
they dubbed JPEG Express.

In a recent 'corporate restructuring,' IBM dropped support of this product.

-- Alan