Paul Grosso (
Tue, 3 Jan 95 19:21:49 EST

> From: Paul Burchard <>
> (Paul Grosso) writes:
> > LITLEN [...] ATTSPLEN [...] TAGLEN [...]
> > Note that it doesn't make sense to expect to be able to
> > enter large values for attributes unless one increases
> > all three of the above quantities.
> Thanks for the explanation -- it looks like we have a definite
> problem in the current SGML declaration for HTML, then. It sets
> LITLEN to 1024 in order to provide reasonable room for URLs and FORM
> values, but then leaves ATTSPLEN and TAGLEN at their default values.

Sorry I didn't catch that when I was proofing the DTD. I'm afraid
I didn't really spend any time on the SGML declaration. I'll try
to give it a once-over tomorrow.