DTD Creation Service

Thu, 5 Jan 95 07:29:22 EST

Given the discussion about the DTD and whether it should be in the HTML
Spec, the following should be of interest and use to many of you.


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OCLC Announces Free Access to Fred.

Fred is an ongoing research project at the Online Computer Library
Center (OCLC) studying the manipulation of tagged text.

Fred's ability to create reduced representations (DTD's) from tagged
text will be of particular interest to the SGML/HTML community.

You can read more about Fred and access Fred's free DTD creation
services via Fred's home page:


To get a feel for the DTD creation service, you can:

1) retrieve the URL form for the DTD creation service

2) enter "http://www.oclc.org/fred/" as the URL sample document you
want analyzed,

3) submit the form.

After you see the results, you can toggle the various options on the
form to see how Fred handles missing end tags and reports various

Keith Shafer | 6565 Frantz Road |
Senior Research Scientist | Dublin, Ohio 43017 | shafer@oclc.org
Online Computer Library Center | 614-761-5049 |

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