Re: [www-mling,00149] Accept-Charset

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 6 Jan 95 03:21:20 EST

> While I would like to take credit for Accept-Charset, I cannot:
> Larry Masinter actually proposed it after he and I discussed this
> issue offline.

I can't take credit for it, either; I'm not up for doing the
historical research to see where it came from. In any case, I prefer

accept-parameter: charset=ISO-8859-6

as a more interesting generalization that will work for other
attributes. The following was buried in a message that started out as
a discussion on 'Unicode is the answer'... It's more of a HTTP issue
than a HTML one, however.

> 3.2.3 Accept-charset

As for the HTTP protocol element, I think we might be better off with

accept-parameter: charset=unicode-1-1-utf7


accept-charset: unicode-1-1-utf7

For example, imagine that we may want to extend image/* types to have
a 'colors' and a 'width' and 'height' parameter, and to allow

accept: image/gif
accept: image/jpg
accept: image/tiff
accept-parameter: width<=640
accept-parameter: height<=480
accept-parameter: colors<=256

In general, accept-parameter could be defined to be "indicate
acceptable paramater values for those media types that take those
parameters". Unlike "accept", I think it should be within the protocol
spec for the server to ignore accept-parameter and supply what it
has if it cannot translate.