Re: TEXTAREA line terminators revisited
Tue, 10 Jan 95 19:58:56 EST (Tom Magliery) wrote:
>In October there was a brief discussion of line terminators in TEXTAREA
>fields in forms.
> +---------------------------------+
> | Wheee, this is fun! |
> | Whoop-de-doo!! |
> +---------------------------------+
>, what character(s) should be put in between "fun!" and "Whoop" ?

I would vote for
> (d) CRLF

since it seems easier on the server end to strip out extra CRs if they're not
needed (as on a UNIX box) than to add them in if they ARE needed (as on a PC).

>If the answer leans towards (e), is it therefore the server-side script's
>responsibility to watch out for different kinds of line terminators?

Yeah, pretty much. Be strict in what you produce, but liberal in what you
accept, etc, etc.


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