Re: TEXTAREA line terminators revisited

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 11 Jan 95 04:51:00 EST

> My question: "No, really -- what should the client do about
> line-delimiting in TEXTAREAs?" More specifically, when I (pretend I'm a
> client) submit the contents of (for example) the following TEXTAREA:
> +---------------------------------+
> | Wheee, this is fun! |
> | Whoop-de-doo!! |
> +---------------------------------+
> , what character(s) should be put in between "fun!" and "Whoop" ?
> Possible answers:
> (a) <space> (egads, please no)
> (b) CR
> (c) LF
> (d) CRLF
> (e) any of (b),(c),(d) -- platform-dependent
> (f) other?

The SGML Declaration for HTML says that a Record End character is a CR
and a Record Start character is a LF. This seems to imply that CRLF are
the characters which should be put in between "fun!" and "Whoop" above.

I would prefer to allow (e), with the proviso that the following are the
only sequences recognized: CR, LF, CRLF. A sequence of LFCR should be
either invalid or mean a blank line (LFCR is faultily generated by some
wordprocessors when exporting to ASCII)...or maybe we just equate it to